Our all-volunteer staff is what makes this food pantry possible. We are blessed to have so many people in our local communities who are willing to give their time and compassion to help their neighbors in need. That said, we're always looking for more! If you're interested in volunteering for the NAC Food Pantry, check out our open positions and click on the button below to get started.

Open Positions


TIME COMMITMENT: Once a Month Minimum
DAYS: Tuesday + Thursday
DESCRIPTION: One of the most important roles in our Pantry. Our shoppers assist the families that come in with getting the food they need, as well as other resources such as vouchers, coupons, etc. This role requires a cheerful demeanor and a willingness to answer any questions people might have about the Pantry.


TIME COMMITMENT: Once a month minimum
DAYS: Mondays + Wednesdays
DESCRIPTION: What's a food pantry without food? As a stocker, you'll help with bringing in the monthly allotment we receive from the Worcester Food Bank. You'll also help sort donations from our local grocery stores and organizations (i.e, Shaw's, Dollar Tree).